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IST is a full service labour broker. Our recruiting experience is second to none within the industry. Trust us to find you the best possible employees for whatever positions you have available.

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​Our experts have years of experience cultivating international relationships, developing screening protocols and recruiting skills.

IST will help you find the perfect candidate for every job by designing a customized recruiting program for your organization.

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​IST has partnered with Prospect Point Recruiting and an international industry heavyweight to build a robust network of international labour organizations in which to draw talent from.

Our international connections and local Canadian experience will help you succeed.

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Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Helping fill skills shortages

The Temporary Foreign Worker program allows employers to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis to fill labour and skill shortages when Canadian residents are unable to do the job. International Skilled Trades specializes in helping companies fill labour shortages by offering comprehensive services, including assistance navigating government regulations, recruiting of temporarty foreign workers and onboarding of TFWs within companies.

Western Canada’s construction and heavy industrial industries are currently in an expansion phase, and employment is rising dramatically over the next 5 to 8 years. IST utilizes a network of global relationships to find the best workers availble to fill Canada's skilled worker shortage.

Learn more about what International Skilled Trades can do for you, and feel free to contact us for more information.

​319,000 construction workers will be needed between now and 2020, and demand for Forestry careers will grossly exceed supply in the next 7 years.

Macleans Magazine, September 2013

​​The Mining Industry expects an estimated labour shortage of between 116,800 and 145,000 in the next five years alone.

The Mining Association of Canada

​Alberta and Saskatchewan, the richest provinces in oil and gas, are experiencing significant labour shortages in some areas.

The Globe and Mail, October 2013